The Features Inside a Modern Point of Sale System

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qb5o1hu0qxHave you been using the same point of sale (POS) system for many years? If so, it’s very possible that your system might be dated.

Sure, it does everything you need…sort of. That older system might be inconveniencing you and your staff on a near daily basis, but you get by – though sometimes you wonder if you’ve simply become used to the inconveniences and limitations of the system.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Point of sale software has come a long way in recent years. The systems have become a lot more user friendly and offer far more interfaces than they have in the past. Not only that, the software has gotten easier to use.

Lodging properties will be delighted to know that interfacing to the PMS has improved – it’s now possible to send detailed items to the guest folio, as opposed to one bulk charge. You can also use gift cards at both POS and PMS retail points.

Things just keep moving forward, which is good news for hoteliers around the world.

Want More Info on Modern POS Systems?

If you’d like to learn more about the features inside modern point of sale systems, why not attend our webinar on October 19th? Whether you’re looking to update your POS system or implement one for the first time, you’ll get lots of valuable information from this webinar.

Not only will you see the features in modern POS systems, we’ll also talk about how the software has changed and cover how important mobility is to your operations. Finally, we’ll show a demo of IQpos, IQware’s point of sale software.

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