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Food Service Made Simple

From quick service to high-end restaurants and lounges to bustling bars, our integrated point of sale (POS) software combines performance with ease of use.

IQpos streamlines point of sale operations with a highly reliable, scalable, effective, and flexible tool that manages your entire retail operation.

True Payment Flexibility

IQpos accepts payments in cash, credit, by debit, or with IQpms integration charges can be transferred to the room.

You can configure the system as you desire: taxes can be modified and receipts customized to your property. Operate IQpos with a keyboard, mouse, or a touch screen terminal and attach peripherals such as optic scanners, cash drawers, and printers.

Go Further with Point of Sale Add-Ons

Our POS software has multiple add-ons available. While optional, these add-ons can enhance the functionality of your POS system.

We provide add-ons for gift certificates, reservation lists, inventory control and time/attendance tracking.

IQpos Features

Designed for Hospitality

IQpos was built specifically for hospitality and greatly streamlines common operations with the IQpms integration

Accepts All Standard Payments

Our POS software accepts cash, credit, and with the IQpms integration even lets you charge directly to the guest’s room.

Easy To Use

IQpos was designed for busy food service environments and is easy to use. Operate with a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen.

Work with One Vendor

Using both IQpos and IQpms means IT management is simple. Resolutions are much quicker when talking with one vendor.

Add-Ons for Everything

Give out gift certificates, take reservations, manage inventory, and track time and attendance with our optional add-ons.

Food Service Management

Manage tables, menus, bars, and more with IQpos software. Pricing and listed goods can be customized at each terminal.

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