IQlink – Online Channel Manager

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Simplify Your Channel Management

IQlink is a comprehensive online channel manager that manages a vast number of internet distribution services (OTAs, GDSs, etc.). Integrating natively into IQpms, IQlink makes it easy to update and manage inventory, rates, and restrictions across multiple third party websites.

With an ever increasing number of online distribution systems it has become incredibly difficult to manage them without some kind of tool. IQlink’s hotel booking system addresses this challenge by creating an integrated platform of availability.

How It Works

With this service you can ensure rate parity and inventory across all online distribution channels – once IQpms is updated, so too are your external partners. There is also built-in reporting functionality that details how channels are performing overall and against one another so you can make strategic decisions about the partners you want to utilize moving forward.

Here’s how IQlink simplifies channel management:

• Unique pooled inventory model displays all rooms on your choice of sites
• All inventory is reduced across all sites when a booking is made on any site
• Maintain rate parity through all sites
• Dramatically reduces the risk of over-bookings
• Complete 2-way integration

Please note that IQlink requires IQpms.

Available Channels

IQware Proudly Offers Full 2-Way Connectivity to thousands of OTAs, GDS, Wholesalers and CRS.

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