IQbanquet – Sales & Catering Software

Eliminate the Stress of Event Planning

Organize Every Detail

Your days of scribbling event details in a notebook are over – IQbanquet keeps you organized by storing all event details and communications in one place.

Keep track of availabilities, guest room blocking, and amenities with this powerful tool designed specifically for hotels and resorts.

Make Event Management Easy

IQbanquet streamlines common tasks: menus are incredibly simple to put together and repeat customers will automatically have their information filled in. If you host a lot of similar events, preloaded templates will make event creation a breeze.

Our event management software also integrates with IQpms in real time, keeping the system up-to-date on room availability and thus eliminating the risk of double booking.

Grow Your Profits with IQbanquet

With 132 reports built into IQbanquet, event performance is easy to analyze. By taking advantage of these reports you’ll be able to see financial information and labor usage for each of your events.

When you need to promote your event services, IQbanquet can segment past customers and then automatically merge contact information for brochures or direct mail.

IQbanquet Features


Block off guest rooms, meeting rooms, the bar, and more. IQbanquet will double check for conflicts as you’re booking.

Quick Plan Menus

Drag and drop functionality makes menu creation a snap, freeing up time to be used elsewhere.

Event Diary

The diary will show you events by day, week, and month so you always know what’s going on.

Real-Time PMS integration

When inventory is sold or blocked off IQbanquet and IQpms update each other, eliminating risk of double booking.

Centralized Planning

Keep track of the specifics by storing every detail and communication in our event management software.


132 pre-built reports will show every aspect of your events, from profitability to labor costs, so you know where to improve.

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