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IQpos - RestaurantIf your property is looking at purchasing point of sale software you might be considering IQware’s POS. In this post we’re going to talk about what makes our system stand out.

A Primer on Point of Sale Software for Hotels

In some of our recent posts we’ve been talking about point of sale software. One of our posts was on why it’s important to choose a point of sale system made specifically for hotels and other types of lodging operations.

The reason for this was because it grants your POS a direct link to your PMS. This allows you to post charges to the guest room (if you missed the post, you can read it here).

With that PMS link you can do some nifty things with our system – as long as you’re using both IQpos and IQpms, our property management system.

IQpos Posts Include Detailed Charge Information

With most systems, when you post a charge from the POS to the PMS it just shows up as a meal and that’s it. This can create some issues later if the guest gets slammed with a large bill upon check-out and there is no way for them to see what the individual line items on their restaurant bill are.

IQpos’s PMS link shows detailed items for the POS charges. This gives a better guest experience, and as an additional bonus corporate accounts will love this because employees aren’t able to expense endless drinks under the guise of “meal” or “restaurant charge.”

IQpos Accepts Gift Cards

Properties using IQpms’s gift card feature know that guests will often want to utilize gift cards across their entire property. Connecting IQpms and IQpos will allow that gift card data to seamlessly flow from one system to another.

This gives an excellent guest experience and, frankly, is what guests expect – they want to use the gift cards across your property, not just at the front desk.

That’s Just with the PMS/POS Interface…

IQpos can do a great many more things. The system works with restaurants, bars, gift shops, pro shops, and more. Each terminal can be configured independently, so if you have a restaurant and a gift shop the POS systems display different items.

You’ll be able to accept payment in all standard forms and connect the hardware you need.

Most importantly, our POS was designed for hospitality. It’s easy to use and contains a robust feature set.

If you’d like to learn more head over to the IQpos product page. Or if you’d like to talk to someone at IQware about the system, why not book a demo?