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IQware’s Property Management System (PMS) is a fully featured hospitality application developed to optimize RevPAR and completely satisfy the unique requirements of small to large hotels, condo-hotels, resorts and multi-property operations.

For fifteen years discerning executives and hoteliers have chosen IQpms to serve their needs. It’s a system with robust functionality, yet intuitive and easy to use. Our PMS software is extremely flexible and can be adapted to best suit your organization.

It is available in both cloud and on-site server deployments, with the cloud version being hosted in Amazon’s data center.

Inside IQpms

Front Desk

An easy to use, intuitive screen provides one central access point to all Front Desk operations for the rapid processing of guest-related activities. It includes a multitude of pre-defined and custom fields for management of guests’ profiles and preferences.

Visual Room Chart

The Visual Room Chart allows staff to efficiently create reservations and process walk-ins via a calendar that visually displays the days of the month, room occupancy, reservations, room features, housekeeping status, and more.

Room Assignment

When fast check-in is desired rooms can be preassigned or automatically assigned upon arrival. The room search feature helps quickly meet guest requirements based on each room’s specific location, attributes, and amenities.


A detailed availability screen shows room inventory, indicating room types, groups, allotments, guaranteed and non-guaranteed reservations, and rooms out of inventory or in use by condo owners.

Guest Reservations

Manage guest reservations, including single and multi-room reservations.

Guest Profile & History

Guest History is the ideal marketing tool for hoteliers who wish to analyze and develop their repeat business through guest loyalty programs.

Guest Services

Guest Services facilitates exceptional guest experiences by providing a central, digitalized location for service-related tasks. Task status can be easily monitored by supervisors.

Rate Management

Manage rates to get the most yield out of occupancy levels, days, seasons, and events. Track room rate variation based on market code, number in party, room type, and date. Managers can also track manual rate changes from pre-established rates and require an explanation to be given for the modified rate.

Accounting & Cashier

This powerful module allows you to manage administrative accounts, transaction reconciliation, transfers of charges between guest accounts, guest credit limits, and deposit policies. Review cashiers’ audits and keep a detailed transaction control for each cashier as well as the night audit.

Account Receivable

Improve cash-flow by optimizing fund management, invoicing in a timely manner, and tracking overdue payments. Account Masters ensure effective control of individual accounts, corporate division accounts and corporate head-office accounts. A quick search feature details the outstanding balances of corporate or guest accounts.

Night Audit

IQware greatly simplifies the night-audit tasks in order to post nightly charges, audit transactions, and calculate statistics. The whole process is done in three easy steps and takes only minutes. Moreover, there is no nightly system shutdown required. A detailed night-audit report enables full verification of in-house guest rates and the system compiles all occupancy revenues and statistics during the close-day process.


Manage housekeeping activities for efficient assignment, productivity and quality control. The system allows easy room status management including priority levels, room attributes and location, and one-click status change. Graphing functionality provides a real-time view of room status.

Reports and Statistics

The system includes an exhaustive list of reports that show both summarized and detailed information. These reports can be customized to meet specific business needs and objectives.

Export to MS Office

At the touch of a key, transfer pre-selected guest information and easily populate fields in MS Office documents.

User Documents

Send unique and customized letters, notices, and more, in both hard copy and electronic format, to your guests at a moment’s notice. Create personalized and language-sensitive letters, confirmations, marketing literature, and spreadsheet templates.

Group Management

Efficiently manage groups booked individually, corporately, or from tour operators.

Objects Inventory

IQpms allows you to manage inventory. Attach the items to reservations and accurately know how many are on hand at any given time.

Package Management

The Package Management module gives you the flexibility to accurately manage all-inclusive resorts or create standard or “a la carte” packages to help you attract additional business and increase occupancy.

Special Offers

Configure an unlimited number of special offers. On the reservation screen users will be prompted when a special offer applies to a booking being made. They can easily view what special offers to suggest to the guest.

Tour Operators / Wholesalers

A comprehensive allotment module allowing the blockage of rooms over long-term periods for tour operators, companies, or airlines.

Travel Agent Commissions

Configure multiple agent types (i.e. travel agencies, tour operators, internal staff, GDS, sales office, etc.) and efficiently manage commissions based on accurate data and guest stay.

Revenue Management

Make sound revenue management decisions by comparing average room rates with historical trends and occupancy forecasts to optimize daily rates and revenues. There are 5 levels of yield: Yield by Stay, Yield by Value, Yield by Quota, Auto Yield and a newly added Yield by Occupancy function.

Looking for more? Extend IQpms with optional modules.

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